The art of living in balance and in harmony with ourselves and our environment.

With Parkash, it’s like having a personal tutor and a classroom in your own kitchen.

Indian Vegetarian Cooking Course 

  • Join me for 6 weeks of fun in the kitchen! You will be with me for a step-by-step reveal of Indian cooking. Each week you will learn new Indian vegetarian recipes, with tips, tricks, history and much more!
  • You will have LIFE-TIME ACCESS to our instructional cooking videos.
  • As we add more recipes, and the course grows, you will continue to have access to all of the new content!
  • You will also have access to download our slide presentations, recipes and nutrition information.
  • Click the button below to learn much more about this 6 Module online cooking course.

"As both a vegetarian and a lover of Indian cuisine, Spice Inspired Kitchen was the perfect course to kickstart my foray into a new type of cooking! Parkash taught all the recipes with ease, and everything looked delicious. She answered my questions as I went through the lessons promptly, so that I did not lose my train of thought or inspiration for the dish I was attempting. I love how the course is broken down, and the variety of videos there are! The videos where she gave us some context and history to the dishes and ingredients were some of my favourites - she is a natural at making the viewer feel included in the whole process. I cannot wait to try many more of the recipes, and improve my Indian cooking even more!"

Mercedes Fogarassy

"Parkash is a natural teacher. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Indian food and spices and I learned so much more than just how to cook while I watched her videos. I loved how Parkash kept everything simple. She provided clear instructions including ingredients and utensils necessary so I felt well prepared prior to starting each recipe. She is always positive and encouraging. The course itself is easy to use and watch. I’m not a computer genius but this online course is very user friendly. Each module is clear and concise with great hands on demonstrations from start to finish. I loved that I could download supporting materials such as the recipe and shopping list ahead of time. The nutritional fact sheets are such a bonus too. It is obvious that Parkash has found her passion. She has kept everything simple without sacrificing flavour or nutrition. Each module was incredibly easy to navigate through and every recipe was dripping in flavour. Parkash has definitely taken the fear out of Indian cooking and I am excited about cooking more spice inspired Indian foods! "

Carolyn Cossenas

"If you're like me, Indian dishes are among my very favorite. But, when it comes to creating my own homemade Indian dishes, I must admit, it intimidates me. The ingredients, the processes, the names of everything… it's enough to keep me from making my own at home on a regular basis like I would love to, especially for date nights. Spice inspired Kitchen has already brought me so much more clarity, appreciation, and confidence as I continue on my road to creating my own Indian dishes. Parkash is a beautiful guide through the process of sourcing, selecting and creating your very own Indian dishes to satisfy that craving for the luscious flavors of Indian cuisine for vegetarian food lovers. Grab this course and enjoy getting to know Parkash!"

Melissa Dobson

"I have absolutely fallen in love with "The Spice Inspired Kitchen"! Indian Cuisine 101 for Vegetarian Food Lovers is an absolute must for anyone interested in learning about Indian cooking or if you are a Vegetarian who is looking for a bit more adventure in your food! I loved this course! Parkash is such a patient and knowledgeable teacher. The videos and recipes and so easy to follow and absolutely jam-packed with extra nutritional information about what you are cooking! The instructional video on how to navigate the course at the start is a huge help! Thank You Parkash! You make Indian cooking easy and a lot less complicated! The recipes are so flavoursome! They will be in my favourites to cook from now on!"

Jo-Anne Mac Millan

Let me take you on a tasteful journey to a healthy way of Indian cooking.

It is my hope to be able to open the door for you to Indian cuisine, one of the best global cuisines for thriving on a vegetarian lifestyle. My wish is to introduce you to its abundant variety of plant-based foods, flavours and preparation methods. So let me take you on this tasteful journey of learning about the ingredients, their health benefits and turning them into delicious meals in your own kitchen!

Is the purpose of food really just to keep us alive?

If that were the case we wouldn’t find such pleasure in our sense of taste and smell. We would simply eat to overcome hunger. Unfortunately, these senses are also a double edged sword, because rather than enjoying food for the purpose of providing health and nourishment to our bodies, we have the tendency to eat more than we need of the things that appeal to our senses, but which aren’t necessarily good for our health. We have become a highly consuming society for fast, processed, packaged and convenience foods which please our taste buds and not our bodies. They aren’t “nourishing” us but rather “hurting” us. More often than not they are high in refined sugars and unhealthy fats with little or no food value except for calories.

Having said that, it is encouraging to see the emergence of a part of society seeking healthy foods and lifestyle.

I hope to be able to raise awareness about healthy living and provide you with healthy food choices.

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Indian Cuisine Cooking Course

Join me for 6 weeks of fun in the kitchen! You will have a life-time access to our instructional cooking videos. You will also have access to download our slide presentations, recipes and nutrition information. Click the button below for much more information about the course.

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7-Day Meditation Series

This 7-day Meditation Mantra Series is a created to help you start each day with a 20 minute guided meditation with voice and music. | Each meditation is an audio as well as a video file with music performed by Benjamin Bogosian on the beautifully hypnotizing “Hang” instrument.

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Vegetarian Recipes Ebook

Recipes That Tantalize Your Taste Buds
& Energize Your Body Mind and Spirit. This 80-recipes ebook is filled with recipes of breakfasts, salads, soups, entreés and sweet sensations! Each recipe is illustrated with a beautiful full page colour photo. 

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Unlock The Secrets Behind Indian Spices I Use Every Day!

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