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Monday: Tat Tvam Asi — I see others in myself and myself in others.

My spirit is not only in me but in all other beings and everything that is. Everybody is a reflection of myself. When I look at the universe, I am looking in my mirror...

Tuesday: Sat Chit Ananda — My inner dialogue reflects the fire of my soul. Truth, knowingness, bliss.

I am looking at the world with knowingness and peace. All beings are my equal. I am not affected by flattery or criticism...

Wednesday: San Kalpa — My intentions have infinite organizing power.

The whole universe is a vast ocean of consciousness, and my intentions shoot out from within my heart and ripple across the vast ocean of consciousness. My intention is orchestrating the infinite activity of the universe...

Thursday: Moksha — I am emotionally free

I am without physical form, a field of awareness everywhere at all times. I have left behind, forever, any sense of anger or resentment. I am free from blaming, free from blame and guilt...

Friday: Shiva Shakti — I am giving birth to the gods and goddesses inside me; they express all their attributes and powers through me

I am a shape shifter. I can be both masculine and feminine if I choose. I am strong, decisive, courageous, articulate and powerful...

Saturday: Ritam — I am alert, awake to coincidences, and know that they are messages from God. I flow with the cosmic dance

I move in rhythm with the impulses of a conscious universe and I dance to the rhythm of the universe...

Sunday: Aham Brahmasmi — The core of my being is the ultimate reality, the root and ground of the universe, the source of all that exists

The whole universe is being played out inside me and I am connected to everything that exists. I reflect the light of all other sentient beings...

One 20 Minutes Meditation for Each Day of the Week

Each meditation is supplied in 2 files. Use the video file to watch while listening. This hypnotic video will help you to achieve a mindful connection with the mantra and affirmations. The audio file is also supplied. In both cases it's a good idea to listen with headphones to have the best experience. | You can for example use the video in the morning or during the day for a more visually engaging experience and the audio to ease you into blissful sleep.

Meditation Is A Doorway To Learning How To Live In The Present Moment.


50% OFF for a limited time. Use coupon "MANTRA50" when checking out. All seven meditations will be availabe immediately after the purchase. | * For your convenience the files are optimized for computer as well as mobile use.

This is a very normal thing to happen in the beginning. Let it be. Give it some time. Just keep observing without the intention of changing it. If it changes as a result, that’s fine, but don’t do it intentionally. Be aware of the breath changing. That is enough.

Each person is different. Also depending on how long you have been practicing. In general, do not think much of quantifying the quality of your meditation practice. This can be hard, because we always want to know “how well we are doing.” This is not helpful, and this is not meditation. Simply follow the practice to the best of your ability. Keep your interest and your effort alive. Become an observer of your thoughts, rather then a participant. Think of your thoughts as a moving stream and let it go by.

Choose a time of the day and a place in your home to do your meditation. Make any small changes you need to make to your schedule and lifestyle, so that this habit is encouraged and has its place.

One of the beautiful things about meditation is training not to react. When it happens, see that you have a choice and try to exercise your power. Your awareness will get more acute, and your self-control will be more powerful. Your body and mind are trying to distract you from the practice. Hold firm. You are the master of the house here.

For those of us who are accustomed to sitting in a chair, you might be a bit intimidated by the notion of sitting on the ground in a cross-legged fashion. This is a good time to give it a try. You may want to use a cushion if you are not used to this position. And for the beginners, you can start sitting against a wall for support. I know from personal experience that with practice, you will be able to sit cross-legged without any difficulty. If this position is too dificlult, then start by siting with legs straightened in front of you.

Some methods are designed to be most effective when done at a certain time of the day. For example, our 7 Day Mantra Meditation video series is best experienced in the morning for a more visually engaging experience. You can use the audio version to ease you into blissful sleep. In general, I believe the morning meditation is best to get your day started with peace in your heart :)


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The background music in these daily meditations is created from a soundtrack of Benjamin Bogosian's music. Benjamin is the composer and performer in these two CD albums: Building Bridges and Bless Your Heart. Click here to learn more.


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