Spice Inspired Kitchen

Make it an Indian vegetarian dining experience for your family and your friends!

With Parkash, it’s sort of like having a personal tutor and a classroom in your own kitchen. 

The food we eat should inspire our senses and also help us to thrive, not just keep our motor running!

Spice Inspired Kitchen will do just that! It will open the door to healthy, flavourful Indian cuisine, which is one of the best global cuisines for thriving on a vegetarian lifestyle.

 Does This Sound Like You?

You want to add more vegetarian meals to your weekly repertoire.

You always wanted to be able to cook Indian meals at home, because Indian  cuisine is well known for its large variety of vegetarian dishes.

You love Indian food but have always been hesitant about learning to make it.

It's  possible that you have this impression that it’s too time-consuming or too complicated, that there are too many ingredients.

You wish you could re-create that fabulous meal you had at that fancy Indian restaurant.

We all know dining out can get really expensive and restaurant food can be loaded with heavy creams and is often too spicy. 

You know you need to start eating healthier and you are ready to start NOW! 

But you don’t know where or how to start getting more variety of plant based foods into your diet, especially if you are concerned about getting enough protein.


Then I want to invite you to join me on this wonderful journey of healthy eating and fun in the kitchen!

I can promise you that cooking healthy Indian vegetarian meals and especially consistent use of specific spices in your daily life — some if not all of the following will happen:

Relief from aches and pains due to inflammation

More variety in your meal options

Meat free meal options

Enhanced flavour in your meals

More variety of gluten free meal options using beans, lentils, vegetables

Less expense of going out for Indian food Impressing your guests when entertaining

More fun in the kitchen

Learning about different ingredients and more fun shopping for them

Wondering what is in Spice Inspired Kitchen? Here is an overview of the modules:

I will take you shopping to an Indian Supermarket. We will go through the aisles filled with spices, lentils, rice and many other ingredients which may be unfamiliar to you. I will show you what to buy. All of the non-perishable ingredients you will need for all of the recipes in Spice Inspired Kitchen. You will learn a great deal about buying basmati rice, about the numerous varieties and what to look for. You will no longer be daunted about shopping at an Indian supermarket.

I will also take you behind the scenes to an Indian restaurant, where you get to see how the chefs create mouth-watering delicacies in a Tandoori oven. It’s quite fascinating to watch them in their element as they make it all look so simple!

And for those of you eager to start cooking, we added a fabulous new video recipe “Silky Palak Paneer” so you can get a taste for what’s to come.

  • Shopping for ingredients for the course (in-store video)
  • Learning everything you want to know about buying basmati rice (in-store video)
  • Shopping for unique fresh produce (in-store video)
  • Behind the scenes to watch the chefs make mouth watering delicacies in a Tandoor oven (restaurant kitchen video)
  • Hands on instructional cooking video: Silky Palak Paneer (spinach with cashew cream)
  • Supplementary downloadable materials including checklists, non-perishable shopping list for the entire course, recipe, Indian Cooking Myths, and Indian Cooking Basics.

In Module 2 you will learn all about Indian appetizers. The many varieties, cooking methods and ingredients used. Then you will learn how easy it is to make pakoras and plain as well as stuffed naans at home. These are appetizers you probably never thought you could master making yourself.

Rest assured that after completing Module 2 you will be at ease and excited about making them.

  • Appetizers overview slide presentation
  • Walk-through slide presentation for pakoras and chutney which explains everything you need to know before getting started.
  • Instructional cooking video - Pakoras
  • Instructional video - Mint Apple Chutney
  • Walk-through slide presentation about Plain and Stuffed Naan
  • Instructional cooking video - Plain and Stuffed Naan
  • Downloadable nutritional facts about chickpea flour
  • Downloadable recipes and shopping list

Module 3 is all about beans, lentil and rice. Here you will learn how to make a variety of dishes using beans, lentils and basmati rice. You will also be able to download nutritional information and learn important health facts for these ingredients. Imagine the gorgeous fragrance of a lemon coconut rice pilaff infused with saffron.

  • Overview slide presentation for beans, lentils and rice
  • Walk-through slide presentation for Brown Lentils Daal, slow cooker and stove top method
  • Instructional cooking video - Brown Lentils Daal
  • Walk-through slide presentation for Chana Masala
  • Instructional cooking video - Chana Masala (chickpea curry)
  • Walk-through slide presentation for rice pilaf variations
  • Instructional cooking video - Lemon Coconut Rice Pilaf
  • Instructional cooking video - Plain Rice Pilaf
  • Lentils and beans nutritional facts
  • Downloadable recipes and shopping list

In Module 4 you will learn how to make saucy, delicious curry dishes that you are going to fall in love with and make over and over again! Ones that don’t weigh you down because they are lighter and healthier than similar dishes you would order at an Indian restaurant. If you love butter chicken, wait until you try a similar dish made with cauliflower!

  • Overview slide presentation for curry dishes with sauce
  • Walk-through slide presentation for Zesty Mushroom Masala Curry
  • Instructional cooking video - Zesty Mushroom Masala Curry
  • Walk-through slide presentation for Vegan Butter Cauliflower
  • Instructional cooking video - Vegan Butter Cauliflower
  • Learn about Fenugreek and its health benefits
  • Downloadable recipes and shopping list

Dry vegetable dishes are called “sabzi”. Every region in India has its favourite locally grown vegetables. In Module 5 you will be introduced to dishes like cauliflower with bell peppers and cashews or how about colourful stuffed peppers with potatoes, quinoa and other yummy fillings.

  • Overview slide presentation for dry veggie dishes
  • Walk-through slide presentation for Aloo Gobhi
  • Instructional cooking video - Aloo Gobhi (cauliflower sabzi)
  • Walk-through slide presentation for Stuffed Masala Peppers
  • Instructional cooking video - Stuffed Masala Peppers
  • Learn some very interesting facts about bell peppers and their nutrition
  • Downloadable recipes and shopping list

Module 6 draws you in with different types of Indian flatbreads. No Indian meal is complete without Roti, from plain ones to spiced and stuffed ones! So versatile and very easy to learn how to make. The word roti is derived from the Sanskrit word rotika meaning “bread”.

  • Overview slide presentation about Indian flatbreads
  • Walk-through slide presentation for 3 different types of flatbreads
    Instructional cooking video - Roti (plain)
  • Instructional cooking video - Spiced Prautha (square, layered version)
  • Instructional cooking video - Stuffed Prautha (with potatoes, herbs & spices)
  • Wrap Up video presentation with final tips on recipe variations, freezing, etc.
  • Downloadable recipes and shopping list


BONUS # 1 

Global Vegetarian Kitchen, 170-page recipe ebook, with 80 recipes, each illustrated with a full page photo.

I wholeheartedly believe that food is not just for our bodies. It is an inspiring art form that nourishes our bodies and stimulates our physical senses as well as our emotions. 

BONUS # 2 

Feel at Peace Every Day with this 7-Day Mantra Meditation.

This is a series of 7 mantra meditations, one for each day of the week. Each comes as an audio and a video file. 

BONUS # 3 

Life Access To Spice Inspired Kitchen.

You will have access for life. As the course grows with more content, the price will be subject to change. But you will have access for life to all future content without paying a cent more than the price you pay now!

Spice Inspired Kitchen

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Life Time Access to Spice Inspired Kitchen with all future content

Bonus: 7-Day Mantra Meditation

Bonus: 170-page GV Kitchen Recipe Ebook


"Parkash is a beautiful guide through the process of sourcing, selecting and creating. When it comes to creating my own homemade Indian dishes, I must admit, it intimidates me. But Spice inspired Kitchen has already brought me so much more clarity, appreciation, and confidenceĀ as I continue on my road to creating my own Indian dishes.Ā "

Melissa Dobson,Ā Breesport
New York, USA

"Thank you for demystifying the Indian supermarket! I always wondered how Indian restaurants made such delicious white rice, and now I know! Thank you for the tip about the quick saute for the onion at the beginningā€” the pointers that you offer make that extra difference for my cooking!Ā And thank you for demystifying the Indian supermarket! I no longer feel intimidated about going shopping for basmati rice or chick pea flour, and am now looking forward to checking out the variety!Ā "

Blair Lockhart
Vancouver, BC, Canada

"I love all the little tidbits you add to each of the modules. Parkash, your recipes and step by step teaching methods have inspired me to cook again and I can't wait to try the lemon ā€Øaroma-full rice. I love all the little tidbits you add to each of the modules, thank you!Ā "

Rijindar Kaur
Sacramento, CA, USA

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