7 Day Mantra Meditation

$7.00 CAD

What is 7 Day Mantra Meditation Series?

For each day of the week we have created a 20-minute meditation. Each meditation is a video file with music performed by Benjamin Bogosian on the beautifully hypnotizing “Hang” instrument.

Each daily meditation starts with a mantra followed by affirmations for that mantra designed to bring positive, loving energy to your day:

  • Monday: Tat Tvam Asi
  • Tuesday: Sat Chit Ananda
  • Wednesday: San Kalpa
  • Thursday: Moksha
  • Friday: Shiva Shakti
  • Saturday: Ritam
  • Sunday: Aham Brahmasmi

These are hypnotic video meditations accompanied by music and work best when watched during meditation. Ideally with headphones for optimal meditative experience.

  • All seven files will be available for download immediately after purchase. Each meditation is offered as a video file (MP4) as well as an audio file (MP3).
  • For your convenience the files are optimized for computer as well as mobile use.

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