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The Masala Secrets

Do you know the difference between Masala (the base) and garam masala (the spice)? Learn why 2 kinds of masala is the very foundation of North Indian cuisine. Reserve your spot in this webinar and you will uncover the essential secrets to 90% of Indian meals!

The Sabzi Secrets

Do you know the difference between Sabzi and Curry? Sabzi is a veggie dish without sauce. Learning to make the proper masala opens the door to numerous veggie dishes.  Learn how to make this healthy sabzi and you'll be ready to make many other variations!

The Curry Secrets

Want to know why I never use curry powder? Join me in this cooking series to learn how to make smooth authentic curry with modern flare. Once you learn to make masala for curries, it’s going to be a breeze!

Unlock The Secrets Of Easy Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cuisine Today!

In this cooking series you will learn:

  • Why I believe that Indian food shouldn't be too spicy.
  • Why you need to know how to make 2 very different types of masala, and
  • How to make both types of Masala step-by-step video recipe.
  • How I simplify Indian cuisine without compromising the taste, and keep the meals healthier.
  • Protein: Why Indian vegetarian diet gives you the best chance to have your daily protein fix.
  • PLUS Sabzi and curry step-by-step video recipes.

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